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Support for colorblind / epileptic players

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  • Support for colorblind / epileptic players

    Whilst I sure do love dying light, the rather dried out colour palette makes it quite hard for me to distinguish zombies or objects from the environment. Any plans on adding colorblindness support (like, red / green ; yellow / blue etc)

    Another issue is sometimes the quite flashy lights in different scenarios. Whilst DL is eye friendly, the issue is that the pops of gun shots make it rather uncomfortable to stare at for a given amount of time, or generally when the lightning strikes and the screen flashes white multiple times. Would you consider adding a little setting that changes their intensity?

    As said, I love Dying Light - ever since it got announced in 2015 - but I would adore being able to play the game more easily without having to assume what certain objects are or to shortly look away from the monitor to avoid flashy lights.