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Infinite Virals! Can't play!

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  • Infinite Virals! Can't play!

    Hello everyone, I'm playing Dying Light for the first time on PS4, and I was enjoying the game... But after I finished the mission that you fight at Rai's pit, all the normal zombies vanished and were replaced by an infinite spawn of Virals! Even if I stay still, making no sound they will chase me.
    At first, I thought it was part of the mission or something, then kept going on the game and arrived at sector 0... First thing I've noticed when arrived there, 8 Virals literally waiting for me to leave the safe zone and no normal zombies. I can't do anything... they keep chasing me, no matter if they lose me, after some seconds, more will come like an infinite wave. Can't fight Rai's guys for airdrops because I have to fight them and the virals, can't open chests because 3-4 virals will come for me...

    I was checking some people with the same problem, but they seemed to solve it downloading a mod (for PC users) or simply restarting the game (ps4 users), but i've already tried to restart the game a couple of times, but didn't change.

    Please help!!