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The Prison, 60 seconds to loot ?

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  • The Prison, 60 seconds to loot ?

    Im stocked they keep adding additional materials to this game even though its years old. I love getting on here and just joining matches and helping people play their game since i beat it a long time ago.

    Anyway back to the prison, Ive finally been playing the prison a few times and after having completed it many times all I have to say is the 60 seconds thing is absolute ass. Like im seriously disappointed in techland for that timer that is the dumbest shit ive ever seen.
    Spend easy 20+ minutes your first run and then you end up with a few bolter tissues and ammo. Really. 20 minutes for that? When I can go to The Following cave in the back and swim down 10 feet and get like 6 guns and ammo for them. Doesnt even take 20 minutes to switch over the the following and RUN there. Not to mention grab a propane tank and kill the guards in the safe house for a gun... Im so annoyed by this stupid prison reward I honestly can say I dont care for this game anymore after having done all that for jack shit

    Im posting this because surely I cant be the only one to have completed the prison and be like wtf is this for real 60 seconds and I still have to lockpick hard chests...................
    Did i not just kill 50 poeple and 100 zombies. I mean I cant help but feel like this addition was so overly complicated to have such garbage rewards. Not to mention unless you do it 6 times you arent gonna remember the route.

    Im just absolutely annoyed by the reward for this I would have expected better and I have extremely high hopes for dying light 2 since yall pushed it back OVER a year it better not have BS reward system like this prison garbage.

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    What difficulty are you completing it on? And what console do you use? If you're on Xbox 1, I could try and show you a really good method on how to do it on Nightmare+ and net yourself the Guru Rewards. Plenty of time to be able to loot all the chests and still have time left over!

    Xbox 1 Gamertag: Icedragon3922