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  • Things I want to see added

    Me and my friend love the shit out of this game we must beat the campaign like 12 times and the following even more then that. But Techland honestly needs to update this game on PS4, give us a new map pack, or anything. These are somethings me and my friend came up with. I hope that the Techland developers actually read these forums too.

    1. Give us new cars to drive, a Jeep, monster truck, different dune buggys, (have it be a mission in which you gotta find parts for the trucks too, once you find them you step up a shop and here you can upgrade your truck as you please, you can add cool custom stuff too as well, stickers, paint jobs, lifts, tires, spoilers, anything cool like that.) Also have a button in which you can drive in 3rd person. I'm not going to lie here, but 1st person is a ***** to drive in this game. Having 3rd person or and option to switch off will be amazing.

    2. Add another region a whole added map pack where the zombie virus got off on you gotta race against time to find a cure for the virus before its to late, you'll have to ways to go too either find a cure or don't. It will change your game completely, and alter everything. There can be a bunch of added side quests too. Also have a mission set on a whole cruise ship, a plane will be amazing they can be tied into the other map pack in which people are trying to escape the virus. But to make matters worst there have been these merc's who have taken over and demanding money or something and if they don't get what they want they will release this nuke that will set off the virus.

    3. more crazy weapons, you should have a weapon shop where you can create all these fun different range weapons.

    4. Have a mode where you gotta survive build your own house and area to live.

    This is all I could think of now. I honestly hope this can happen since it will add more to this amazing game.