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Request for separate X/Y sensitivity options for controllers

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  • Request for separate X/Y sensitivity options for controllers

    Hello everyone. For controllers, Dying Light has a lower Y sensitivity than the X and this happens to affect the diagonal movement.

    I'm not great at talking in videos, but I tried to demonstrate it there and hopefully was able to show it well enough.

    For those that don't look at the video, I'll bring up some of the things mentioned there.

    What I tried to show in the video was pointing the stick at a 45' angle *did not* move the cursor at a 45' angle. Instead it moved at a noticeably lower angle. This obviously applies to any other diagonal angle, and functionally makes all diagonal movement incorrect, having a more horizontal bias in this case.

    An important thing to mention is this is not something unique to Dying Light or Techland's titles, and I don't want this to be taken that way at all. This is extremely common and occurs in ANY game with different X/Y sensitivities, and is easily tested with games that offer separate options like Overwatch, DOOM2016, Rainbow 6 Siege, etc. I made a video a while back demonstrating extreme examples in DOOM2016 shown:

    To illustrate this in a customizable graph: You can see when lowering the Y value in relation to the X the cursor angle becomes more shallow. The only way to reliably get correct diagonal movement is to set them the same.

    The main point of bringing this up is to request separate X/Y sensitivity sliders in Dying Light. Dying Light has been out for quite a while, but it still seems like Techland is still updating the game so there might be some chance to see this implemented. Having separate sliders would allow the players who enjoy the current setup to keep playing as they are, but for those who want correct diagonal movement(or even just a 1:1 X/Y ratio) could set them the same to achieve that.

    Thanks for reading.
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