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  • Xbox one trouble

    So I'm hoping some one on here can help me with a problem that me and the misses are having with dying light...... So we have been playing dying light together sense the game first came out but now we can not play together at all!!!!! Both our multiplayer setting are enabled and we can join our friends one at a time only and we can also join in quick play with no problem but as soon as we try to join in the same game nothing it just will not let us play co op together... I have been into my router and and made it so that Xbox live has more freedom. I have had my internet provider do a complete reset and refresh and my Nat on both Xbox are open. Any one have any ideas cause I'm stumped???? Any one know if they have changed any policy where people playing on same ip can't join together??

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    Hello Boca! For your predicament, I'd suggest invoicing a support ticket straight to the Techland website, this is a fan-based forum, and I personally (and I assume many others) cannot help you with your current issue. If you want to take my advice, please visit this website: . I hoped I helped. Good night, and good luck!