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The Future of Dying Light - Teaser

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  • The Future of Dying Light - Teaser

    Take a look at a video message from the Techland team about all the new content added to the game in the latest ‘Hard Mode’ patch. Watch the video to the very end to see a sneak peek of what is coming to the world of Dying Light in the future.

    Here are the PC patch notes for the 'Hard Mode' patch:

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    The future is you wont be seeing another penny from me. You can keep your garbage. Thanks. This is not a troll post. I was a fan but turns out your game's trash.

    P.S. fix your broken a$$ hit detection next time.... so stupid
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      This game sucks. Im uninstalling it as we speak. Im not the worlds greatest gamer but a game on easy mode should be easy. This game even on easy mode I must have died 100,000 times in 24 hours of play time. You sneak up on one zombie and cut their throats and you turn around and 50 zombies are beating the shit out of you. EASY should be EASY...until you can figure out how to play the game.............I guess this was hardcore developers developing a game for hard core players which is sad for any company because you can make games easy for casuals and really, really hard for the hard core.

      Extremely sorry I spent 60 bucks for this POS game. Uber retarded game play.... Linear story driven games are by themselves ultra retarded. This game takes the cake in ultra retarded play.


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        Such a great game. Too bad there is only a bunch of useless developers and support there.
        Can't import my game data from the original game.
        This s**ks.
        Im never buying anything from techland again. And I'll try my very best to prevent anybody from buying this game.
        Really shame on you techland.


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          I love this game. Anybody having problems playing in easy mode is a wimp, or just playing wrong.


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