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    Toxic Gaming TeamSpeak Community

    Heyy guys, its Laura. o/
    Im here to remind you of our great TeamSpeak service as a community.
    From intence gaming to casual conversations, we have it all. (feels like Im selling one of those vacum cleaners on late night TV hahah :'D)

    aaanyyyyway. :')
    We have tutornaments, community events, prizes and more.
    We offer respect and equality between everyone. There's no groups and no one isnt left out.
    Honestly, when I first joined this server I was scared to feel unwanted, or unoticed and these guys did amazing job making me feel like Im acttualy welcome.

    We play litteraly so many diffrent types of games, because we're already quite a big server (witch dont let it scares you).
    From LoL, Minecraft, WoW, CS:GO, Dead By Daylight, Overwatch, Blade and Soul, Guild Wars 2, and I can go on and on with this. We do tho have a lot of tutornament you get prizes for if sucssesfull.

    To enter our server and become a member all you have to do is put in our IP and the rest we'll take care off (also need to be 13+).
    Guys honestly, you wont regret it. Just come and give us a chance. You wont regret it
    IP address :