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upgrade monitor from 60 tot 144 hz , low performance on a 1070gtx

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  • upgrade monitor from 60 tot 144 hz , low performance on a 1070gtx

    Hi Guys,

    in meanwhile im playing alot dying light with friends on cop op, think i saw the end credits allready a few times , i had no issues all year long, pc is a i7 3770 non k at 3.9 gh with 16 gb ram and the old evga 670gtx,windows 7 : always smooth on 60 fps, all settings on maximum... now i upgraded to windows 10, a gaming monitor on 144 hz and a gtx 1070gtx oc edition

    i can't help it to say but i expected a lot more performance on this upgrade in dying light, with same settings i maintain about 75 fps, game is not smooth, i even set all settings on lowest and i can't maintain 144 fps for my 144 hz monitor , any tips to fix this or is the game to heavy for my pc????? play more recent games and can maintain 200 fps on ultra in alien isolation, tomb raider on ultimate on 144 fps, assetto corsa 200 fps , only dying light has "performance' issues higher than 60 fps....

    hopelly someone can help me

    i see that reconmended cpu is a i7 4770 = mine is type older so i cant imagine that i loose that much performance, spend about 1200 euro's in 1 month in upgrading the pc...

    Regards Dave