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  • Idea For A New DLC

    Hi there my fellow brothers and sisters of the sun i am PrimalZombie
    i am known as many things across other games but that is not why i am here,

    i am here because i am in love with The Following DLC but i was quite sad when the choice i made got me all happy because i thought i could play as a Zombie during the campaign but that was not the case....

    i know we have the "be the zombie" multiplayer DLC but i am disappointed with it..

    the fact that "be the zombie" DLC was limited to multiplayer and is un-even on the zombie side (the humans can Beat You EASY) i would like to have a campaign DLC much like the following but instead of the children of the sun and earning their respect i was thinking one where you are a zombie and you start as a bitter with normal speed and you work your way up the zombie ranks until you become a Night Hunter and for those of you who might say it wouldn't work weapons are a huge part of dying light thats where the hive comes in to play. for every human you kill and every weapon you pick up you bring it back to the hive and give it to a special kind of toad and he eats it and then it gives you a choice of would you like to evolve now (if u have enough weapons) or would you like to feed the hive, by feeding the hive it grants you a load of different skills such as call screamers, Bombers, Goons, that kind of stuff or are you a zombie without a horde and will you evolve into a different kind of zombie(improving you own skills).

    with the choices you make you will be noticed by 2 groups of zombies...
    the hive or the hive mind and with this comes different choices that effect your rep with each.

    P.S they talk telepathically like the mother

    Thanks for reading this idea i look forward to seeing your comments soon