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    List of my recommendations for Dying Light

    1. Debug mode (consoles)
    PC has no trouble coming up with mods that allow you to achieve pretty much anything. Consoles should have this ability as well. Allow players to create specifically ordained lobbys where other like minded players may join and do things like enable invincibility, alter monster variations in game, and change the time of day (or weather). Maybe change enemy behavior even. Just a few examples for a debug mode. You wouldn't be able to use this debug mode in normal lobbys, and auto save is disabled in these lobbys.

    2. Offer more player skin's, other than Kyle Crane.

    3. Allow custom maps where players are allowed to use THEIR custom built characters. I'd love to use these new maps while being able to utilize my gadgets/skills. Not someone else's.

    4. HUD is still not fully customizable. What if i want all my HUD gone, except for my mini map? Seems like something that would be easy to use.

    5. Update the weapon/tool selection. Only being able to select from only four weapons/utilities can be a real drag. How about a weapon/utility wheel? Like what we've seen in Assassin's Creed and The Arkham games? Holding down the right directional pad button will bring up ALL of the weapons the player has in his/her current inventory. Same goes with holding down the left directional pad button. This way players will have all gearv they are currently carrying, available to them, instead of having to hit the select button, pausing the game, and subsequently and momentarily taking you out of the game.

    6. Better matchmaking. The "quick join" button at the pause menu is great, but lackluster at times. Allow players to better find other players by allowing them to hone on specific game variables to their liking. Story progress isn't always an accurate reflection of finding like minded players.

    7. Ammunition capacity. I'm currently walking around in game with about a few hundred med kits, but am still only able to carry a total of five rifle magazines. Is there anyway you fine folks at Techland could further revise ammunition capacity?

    8. Allow players to have more opportunities to earn gold tier weapons. Maybe give players periodic opportunities to earn gold tier weapons by competing near impossible tasks and objectives. But these opportunities are rare, to not make the field heavy with these powerful weapons.

    Of course, these are merely suggestions. I'm a hardcore Dying Light fan with over six hundred hours played, I believe my opinions might reflect a decent size of the Dying Light fan base. Implement none of these suggestions that I've listed, I will still love and play the absolute shit out of this game the same. You all at Techland have created a masterpiece. You all should be very proud of this work of art. I love you all. Thank you for this experience. I might have a few more suggestions for you all in the near future. I just hope you read this!