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  • Possible Bug !

    Today I was playing the mission to take back the water from the bandits. I am playing on hard and it was night when i did the mission and after dying twice my buggy was to banged up to make the mile long journey to the valve. Every time I die or run out of time i get reset back at the pumping station and my buggy is destroyed so i will never make the journey. This is very frustrating and I imagine that it was not intended.

    Don't want to call it a bug but I am not sure what else to call this it's game breaking and silly. What if some kid grinds the buggy out of gas there is not way to get fuel in this timed mission and the distance you have to travel can not be run, I tried. Why would the auto save point take you back to the beginning of the mission and save the progress from half way through the run to the valve. If that's the case i should have gotten an auto save when i reached the valve. I made to the valve the second time but could not find it and time ran out no biggie except on the very next mission i got mobbed by 3 Volatilizes which destroyed my buggy. I thought about having a friend jump in hoping that their buggy will spawn at the start of the mission and I can hitch a ride with him. Beyond starting over I'm not sure what else to do.

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    I had the same problem, this is what i done, as I was making my way to the valve I was collecting parts from other cars and I kept dying, so I kept on repeating the journey until I had enough stuff to fix up my buggy, and it worked as I finished that mission, I did have to die quite few times before hand though, hope that helps.