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    Hi all, I'm new here, just got the game a week or so ago, up to about level 11 and about 40% of the story done, it was really grindy at first, and pretty damn hard but it's getting easier now.

    I hope to meet some of you and get some pro tips to keep me going.

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    Hello Sgt Rawk! I'm glad you have decided to pick up Dying Light, this game is extremely fun, and rewarding if you put in the time. Dying Light rewards dedication, but don't think this game is all about grinding, the 'Survivor' rank is when stops this. In Dying Light, the survivor rank determines an immense amount of the enemies you find, the loot you collect, the weapons your enemies have etc. so the only way to get better weapons, is to do side quests, help survivors, do the main quest line. This will eventually start to yield you higher and higher amounts of EXP, which in turn, increases the damage of the weapons you find. All in all, Dying Light isn't complicated, there is no hidden way of getting better equipment, just play the game, and it will reward you. Now, for levelling your other skill trees, (Power, Agility) the only advice I can give you simply come down to one sentence. DON'T just spend your points just because you can, and furthermore, read what you're actually getting before you use your points, there is no point using your points to just simply use them. Look through your skill trees, see what perks look good, and go for them! However in saying this, don't limit yourself to specific perks, there is nothing more boring than running through the game 1,2.3 or more times using the sames way of getting through it. Eventually, you will get every single perk, but for now, look out for the perks that stand out to you. Dying Light becomes a hell of a lot more fun when you venture out into new territory, and trying out new perks. Once you've got the perks you like down, go out and explore new ones! This is generally what will make your time with this game a boat load more fun, I hope this helped! Good night, and good luck.