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    I was playing dying light and then my weapons vanished and my level reset back to one and all my past game saves have vanished I would appreciate any helpful information any of you may have as I am NOT starting over. I was wondering if I could speak with the makers of the game to put all my weapons and level back to my account


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    Okay, so this has actually happened to me, firstly, check if your Microsoft (or the PS4 version I don't know what it's called) account is properly connected and secured to your console, if it is, then restart your console, when you know your account is connected, restart your internet, and finally, make sure your saves are syncing every time you boot up Dying Light. If none of this works, then I'm afraid you'll have to contact the Dying Light help team, because I have no idea what's going on. Hope this helps, good night and good luck!