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Kyle Crane Not Being in Dying Light 2

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  • Kyle Crane Not Being in Dying Light 2

    G'day guys,

    What does everyone think about the main man Crane not being in Dying Light 2 - it completely makes sense taking into consideration the events of 'The Following' expansion of Dying Light 1,

    however I've talked to many people who believe that ending shouldn't be canon and really wanted to see a return of Crane. Techland has already confirmed he will not be returning and I just

    wanted to know everyone's opinion on this topic.

    Me personally, I think this change is good for the game, Kyle Crane was an amazing protagonist and I loved the personality he brought to the game, however I think it's time for a new main

    character. As long as this new protagonist is well likeable and isn't a boring yes-man protagonist then I will be happy with the change.

    What do you all think?