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(XB1)Looking 4 Gold Weapons. Lots 2 Trade.

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  • (XB1)Looking 4 Gold Weapons. Lots 2 Trade.

    GAMERTAG: MrNine910

    Im Looking for Gold Weapons and over powered guns.

    I have millions of each crafting supply, 3 types of shotguns that do 14,000+ damage, police rifles that do 2005 damage, Smg with over 1800 damage and many unmodified gold weapons as well as a few modified gold weapons for trade. ( stats listed are for max firearm damage legend levels )

    Weapons I own (Gold,Unmodified, 6 repairs):
    -B.A.O. Titans
    -Blade Of Order
    -Dark Sickle
    -Emperor's Glow
    -Extravagant Boning Knife
    -Extravagant Brick Hammer
    -Extravagant Fireman's Axe
    -Extravagant Hewing Axe
    -Extravagant highlander Hatchet
    -Extravagant iron hatchet
    -Extravagant Knife
    -Extravagant Military Machete
    -Fabulous Baseball bat
    -Fabulous Crowbar
    -Fabulous Flat end sledgehammer
    -Fabulous Knife
    -Fabulous Pickaxe
    -Ferocious Sledgehammer
    -Fierce Pick
    -Heavy Tribal Axe
    -Legendary Baseball Bat
    -Legendary Climber Pick
    -Legendary Flat end Sledgehammer
    -Legendary Garden Sickle
    -Legendary Oriental Cleaver
    -Legendary Ottoman Sickle
    -Plain Pipe
    -Premium Katana
    -Rune hammer
    -Tribal Knife
    -Vicious Fireman's axe
    -Zebra machete

    Advanced police rifle ( orange ) 2005 dmg

    Engraved semi-auto shotgun ( purpel/orange ) 14184 dmg

    Golden double-barrel shotgun (orange) 14201 dmg

    Golden hunting shotgun (orange) 14201 dmg

    Golden gnat smg (orange) 1843 dmg

    Please contact me on xbox one if you have anything that IS NOT ON MY LIST and are willing to trade it for something that is.

    Thanks for reading. Goodnight, Goodluck.

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    (XB1) Hey guys im looking for the bozak bow i will trade gold and DLC weapons message me if interested

    My GamerTag is PenguinPretzels