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Dying Light Mods forum rules

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  • Dying Light Mods forum rules

    Hey guys,

    A user requested we make a forum to post/share community made Dying Light Mods. Please follow these rules when posting your mod or a mod you have found.

    1. Must have a description of what exactly the mod does.
    2. Installation instructions - please make them clear and detailed.
    3. Screenshots - please provide screenshots of the mod.
    4. Support - IF you are the mods creator, please post in your thread if you will be willing to provide support for the mod if other users have issues.
    5. Keep your mod in ONE thread - please do not create multiple threads for the same mod. If you make changes to your mod, please just reply to your own thread with the change log.
    6. Use user friendly/safe download sites - If your modification requires additional files to be downloaded, please use legit/safe file hosting websites.
    These rules are subject to change depending on how well received this forum is.

    If you have any questions, please leave a reply here or message me.