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Some minor single-player edits, please advise.

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  • Some minor single-player edits, please advise.

    I'm hoping someone might be able to assist with the following edits I'm trying to make to the single player campaign:

    1. Increasing the amount of ammo that "spawns" in police sedans and vans. Any changes I make to the default.loot file causes all loot (from EVERY container, lockbox, and corpse) in the game to 'disappear'. E.g., if I change any of the "weights" or add entries, like [Ammo_Pistol (weight = 1.0);] to the following, all loot in the game vanishes:
            use Empty(weight = 0.0);
            use CashMedium(weight = 3.0);
            use CashBig(weight = 1.5);
            use Weapons_Firearms(weight = 0.001);
            use Upgrades(weight = 2.0);
            use Healing_Items(weight = 1.0);
            use Valuables_Default(weight = 1.5);
    Furthermore, I haven't been able to find any entries (in ANY of the .loot files) for the police vans, only the sedans.

    2. Changing the basic gear that Kyle Crane starts with during the main story quest. None of the changes I've made in the default_player_setup.scr file seems have had any effect, so I'm assuming that's not the file(s) I need to edit. I'd also like to change what vendors have for sale at various points in the game, but I'm not certain which .scr file(s) in the scripts/trading folder I need to edit.

    3. Decreasing the 'frequency' in which zombies re-spawn after Crane has 'cleared' an area. I'd also like to decrease (somewhat at least) the 'probability' that virals will appear and swarm Crane every time a bomber or gas tank zombie explodes.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance!