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Modding the nightmare difficulity

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  • Modding the nightmare difficulity

    I've been searching in Data0.pak (In atom).

    I would like to disable the restriction of using deveolper weapons in nightmare mode.

    I can't find in the Data0.pak anything regarding the developer weapons being restricted to the Nightemare difficulity, but it is.

    Any one can help me?

    Where can I change that?

    I already modded a bit of the Data0 and I beleive that's what left for me, I can't see it.


    Where can I change that in nightmare difficulity I will be able to use developer weapons?

    Also, is it possible to mod both me and a partner's dying light game that we could trade DRoPs?

    Thanks, doom.

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    Bonjour .moi j'ais le data.0 et dqta.3 pour ps4 et aussi les data.3 pc ou tu peut trouvez que des armes or et orange dans jeux ou un autre mod menu pouvez vous modiffier ou faire une fussion avec je ses les ouvrire m est je ne c est pas les fusionné. Je c'est si on dois toit mettre ou seulement quelque ligne pouvez vous aidez merci