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Anyone seen this enemy?(DL the following)

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  • Anyone seen this enemy?(DL the following)

    I was climbing around and doing dumb stuff when I came across a tower that let me climb the large dam. At the top, a normal demolisher charged and he was an easy fight. But, I passed by to explore exits and saw two larger demolishers with gray skin, black bigger armor, electric something sticking out of his back and green marks on him. He was a tougher fight as with him I had to fight his doppelgänger and some other zombies.

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    Hello CascadeGoose! What you've stumbled upon in your travels throughout The Following, is just a mini-boss, although it doesn't not have a large health bar at the top of the screen, they are a, uh, somewhat (?) secret mini boss. I hope this has helped and cleared things up about what you've found. Good night, and good luck!