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Major Help needed for Xbox One

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  • Major Help needed for Xbox One

    I got asked to buy this game by my online friends as its co-op but since they have stopped playing it so now I'm doing this alone and need some help please.

    I'm now doing missions at night like the one where you get samples of the bolters etc but as soon as I step outside I get battered as my weapons are not fit really to do DIY let alone smash a zombies head off.

    Any tips or any blueprint locations or good weapon locations is gratefully received, I got the sword one where you swim out and hold X button for a minute or 2 and then move out of way for it to burn then collect blueprint but I lost weapon somehow and ain't got a clue what happened to blueprint.

    I'm on most nights trying to do this and open to public so if anyone gets bored and fancies jumping in your welcome.

    Think I just turned level 10 (wow) and have the enhanced edition bought off dashboard in sales but god knows what DLC I have too.

    Gamertag is : o Gunners o


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    I can help. Gt ArcticInnocence


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      I'll help add me Darth3ternal